AXG Angle Linear Stage
AXG Angle Linear Stage Standard Motorized Positioning Stage GMT Penang, Malaysia, Simpang Ampat Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | iMS Motionet Sdn Bhd
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Model No. AXG6-35CS-3NR-ND AXG6-60CS-3NR-ND AXG6-80CS-3NR-ND
Table Size 60X60 mm
Travel Stroke ±12° ±10° ±7°
Drive Type Worm & worm gear (ratio1 / 188) Worm & worm gear (ratio1 / 276) Worm & worm gear (ratio1 / 356)
Rail Dovetail slide
Main Unit Weight 0.8 Kg
Resolution (Pulse) ĘP0.0095° / ĘP0.0047° ĘP0.0065° / ĘP0.0032° ĘP0.005° / ĘP0.0025°
Maximum Speed (Full Step) 15° / sec 7.5° / sec 7° / sec
Positioning Precision 0.2°
Repeatability Precision ±0.05°
Load Capacity 6 Kgf 
Missed Step 0.1°
Parallelism  50 μm


System Configuration Diagram

♦   For detailed specifications, please read the description for the stage and connecting cable.

♦   For selection of driver, please refer to the cross-reference table for the motor/driver of the standard motorized stage or the GMT motor and driver catalog.

♦   The most preferred driver is recommended to be specified by GMT as considerations. For different needs, please choose the suitable driver based on real functional needs.


Axis Definition

GMT has defined different axis as the following figuration according to the movement direction:

Horizontal movement direction is X and Y axis.

Vertical movement direction is Z axis.

Movement around X, Y, Z axis is defined to α axis, β axis, and θ axis.

Green arrows present the specified axis movement direction.



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