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68 cm (L) x 42 cm (W) x 30 cm (H)
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Control and signaling units Ø 22
Harmony Easy XA2, plastic Pushbuttons, switches and pilot lights

Presentation The HarmonyEasyXA2 range of Ø 22/0.866 in.
plastic control and signaling units combines simplicity of installation, flexibility and robustness. It meets the requirements of the majority of industrial applications. The metallic-look ring design on the pushbuttons and switches gives them a modern look. These products are available in the form of complete units.
This range includes:
- Pushbuttons, selector/key switches, Emergency switching off pushbuttons for Start/Stop control of machines and installations, adjustment, and parametering (contact functions),
- Illuminated pushbuttons for control and signaling (contact functions and signaling functions),
- Pilot lights (signaling functions).
The pushbutton, switch (illuminated and non-illuminated) and pilot light control offer comprises:
- Flush, spring return marked and unmarked pushbuttons, mushroom head spring return pushbuttons,
- Illuminated pushbuttons, spring return, with integral LED,
- Ø 40/1.575 in., Ø 30/1.181 in., and Ø 60/2.362 in. Emergency switching off pushbuttons,
- Selector switches with standard and long handle,
- Key switches,
- Pilot lights with integral LED,
- Various accessorie

Harmony Easy XA2 products are both simple and quick to install:
- Mounting by a single nut to the control panel,
- Body/fixing collar simply clip on the head,
- Anti-loosening system for screw clamp terminals of contact blocks.
Type of connection:
- screw clamp terminals.

The performance features of the Harmony Easy XA2 range meets the following specifications:
Degrees of protection conforming to standard IEC 60529:
- IP 65 for pushbuttons, Emergency switching off pushbuttons, illuminated pushbuttons
- IP 54 for key select switch
- IP 40 for pilot lights
International standards:
- IEC 60947-5-1, EN 60947-5-1, GB/T 14048.1-93, GB/14048.5-93
Product certification:
- CCC, EAC, e

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