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Global standard model Basic performance design Weighing indicator

Product outline

Practical unit that achieved functions and operability for weighing.


F701-P is a weighing indicator with convenient functions and operability for weighing such as a high-precision amplifier, fast-sampling, High-Low limit comparison function, weighing function and accumulation functions.




Excitation voltage DC5V±5% Output current:within 90mA Ratio metric type (Up to six 350Ω load cells can be connected in parallel.)
Signal input range -0.5~3.0mV/V
Zero adjustment range Automatic adjustment by digital operation
Span adjustment range

Automatic adjustment by digital operation

Minimum input sensitivity 0.15μV/count
  • Non-linearity
  • within 0.01%/FS
  • Zero driftト
  • 0.025μV/℃ RTI typ
  • Gain drift
  • 1ppm/℃ typ 
A/D converter Conversion rate…300times/sec.
Conversion resolution…24bit(binary)
Minimum indication resolution 1/10000
Setting method Settings are made by operating the membrane keys.
Also, settings can be made from a host computer through the RS-485 interface.
Memory of set value F-RAM (nonvolatile RAM)
Protect of set value Software LOCK can be set to parameter such as ''Set value'' and ''Calibration''.
Setting item

Upper limit/Lower limit/Near zero/Set point 1/Set point 2/Compensation/Over/Under/Final/Comparison inhibit time/Judging time/Complete output time/Weighing function 1/Weighing function 2/Tare setting/Tare display/Digital low pass filter/Moving average filter/Motion detection/Zero tracking (Period)/Zero tracking (Range)/Total comparison selection/Total limit (high 4 digit) /Total limit (under 5 digit) /Count limit/Key invalid/LOCK/Input selection/Output selection/Password/Balance weight value/Capacity/Min. scale division/DZ regulation value/Display selection/Gravitational acceleration/Zero calibration/Span calibration/RS-485 I/F setting/Communication type/RS-485 ID/Transmission delay time

External signal (You can specify whether PNP (Source) type or NPN (Sink) type when order the F701-P.)
Output signals
(4 points)
At signal ON, output transistor ON. 
※External voltage must be prepared separately by customer.
Input signals
(4 points)
Contact (relay, switch etc.) or non-contact (transistor, open collector etc.) can be connected.
※External voltage must be prepared separately by customer.
RS-485 communication interface (Select from Modbus-RTU and original format)
Display 18.5mm in character height, Numerical display on LCD(7 digit)
Sub display:7.3mm in character height (14 digit)
Indicated value 5 digit sign: negative display at the highest digit
Accumulation value 9 digit ※This can be changed to ''Accumulation count (4 digit)'' and ''Final(5 digit)''.
Display frequency Select from 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 times/sec.(The system speed is 300 times/sec.)
Capacity 5 digit
Min. scale division Setting allowable in the range of 1~50.
Decimal point Select from 0, 0.0, 0.00, 0.000
Over display LOAD:A/D converter input over, 
OFL1:Net Over,
OFL2:Capacity + 9 scale division, 
OFL3:Gross Over
Center zero A true zero point or the center of each value is displayed.
Status display COMPL./SP3/SP2/SP1/HI/GO/LO/ZT/
General specification
Power supply voltage AC100~240V(+10%-15%) (free power source 50/60Hz)
Power consumption Approx. 5W
Inrush current 1.5A, 0.7mSec:AC100V average load condition (cold start at room temperature)
2.5A, 0.7mSec:AC200V average load condition (cold start at room temperature)
Operating conditions Temperature…Operation -10℃~+40℃ Storage -20℃~+85℃
Humidity…85%RH or less (non-condensing)
External dimensions 192(W)×96(H)×102(D) mm (Projections excluded)
Panel cutout dimensions 186 +2 -0(W)×92 +1 -0(H)mm
※Installation panel thickness: 2.0~3.2mm
Weight Approx. 1.3kg
AC input cord (Nominal rating 125V) 3m 1
Jumper line 2
Terminator 1
Operation manual 1
Rubber packing 1



Optional accessories

Product Description
CN80 Loadcell input connector terminal (7P)

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