PW6C Load Cell
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Single Point Type Loadcell

Product outline

Most appropriate for load control of bench scales, etc.


¡ñ¡¡Capacity 5 / 10 / 20 / 30 / 40kg
¡ñ¡¡Constructed of Aluminum, Lightweight  
¡ñ¡¡Most appropriate for load control of bench scales, etc


Model PW6C-5KG, PW6C-10KG, PW6C-20KG, PW6C-30KG, PW6C-40KG  
Rated capacity 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 kg
Rated output 2.2±0.2 mV/V
Safe overload 150 %R.C.
Maximum safe overload 300 %R.C.
Maximum safe side overload 300 %R.C.
Zero balance ±6 %R.O.
Non-linearity 0.0166(typ) %R.O.
Hysteresis 0.0166(typ) %R.O.
Compensated temperature range £­10¡«£«40 ¡æ
Safe temperature range £­10¡«£«50 ¡æ
Temperature effect on zero 0.0140(5/10/20kg), 0.0093(30kg), 0.0175(40kg) %R.O./10K
Temperature effect on span 0.0175(£«20〜£«40¡æ), 0.0117(−10〜£«20¡æ) %R.O./10K
Input resistance 300¡«500 Ω
Output resistance 300¡«500 Ω
Recommended excitation voltage 1¡«12 V
Insulation resistance 2000 or more
Degrees of protection IP67  
Cable 6 conductor shield cable 2m  
Cable color code £«EXC£ºBlue
Loadcell material Aluminum  
Deflection at rated 0.5 or less mm
Natural frequency 5KG£º225
Maximum off center distance 100 mm
Maximum platform size 300×300 mm
Weight 0.25 kg

External dimension

External dimension

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