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Product outline

UTMII/UTMV can be easily connected to TM400 with the supplied cable. With the built-in battery, it can be operated even without power source. Using with UTMII with rotary encoder option, torque-angle (or displacement) relationship can be monitored. With the compact body and the high sampling speed, it is ideal for field use.



Torque monitor for UTM/UTMV.
With the built-in battery, it can be operated even without power source.
Ideal for use with UTM (square shaft) series with the high-speed sampling at 20kS/s.
Easy connection to UTM/UTMV with one cable.
Operation power can be supplied to the UTM/UTMV (and also to an optional rotary encoder).
Torque & rotation speed and torque-angle curve can be monitored.
Data recording with memory function and USB.
Various display mode: real-time, graph, recorded data, etc….
Upper/lower limit & hold function.

Change the display mode by pressing the ESC button

External dimension




Torque input (voltage input)
Signal input range -5 to +5V Input impedance1MΩ or more
Accuracy Non-linearity : within 0.02%FS±1digit
Zero drift : within 0.2mV/ RTI
Gain drift : within 0.01%/
Analog filter Low pass filter (-6dB/oct.) Select from 10, 30, 100, 300, 1k, 3k, 10k, 30kHz
A/D converter ・ Rate : 20000times/sec
・ Resolution : 24bit (binary) Approx. 1/30000 against 5V
Input for rotation speed (open-collector pulse)
Maximum input frequency In accordance with the output frequency of the UTM/UTMV series
Minimum input frequency 15rpm
Minimum detection pulse width 50μs
Circuit configuration No-voltage contact input (minus common)
Open collector connectable (IcApprox. 10mA)


Encoder input (open-collector pulse)
Maximum input frequency 50kHz
Display section
Display unit 128×64 dots monochromatic LCD (display area: 28 x 57)
Displayed data Torque, rotation speed, Angle (numeric)
Torque-time or torque-angle/displacement curve (graphic)
Status display (high, low, OK, and hold)
Interface USB
General specifications
Power supply Built-in secondary battery
Maximum operating time: 5 hours
AC adopter
Operating conditions Operation temperature : -10 to +40, storage temperature : -20 to +60
Humidity : 85%RH or below (non-condensing)
Dimensions 88(W)× 140(H)× 35(D)mm (excluding projections)
Weight Approx. 500g
CE marking certification EMC directives EN61326-1
Safety standard EN62311
Please specify requirement for CE marking certified product when making your order.
  AC adopter・・・・・・1
Operation manual・・・・・・1
Cable for UTM/UTMV connection (2m)・・・・・・1
Cable for UTM rotary encoder connection (2m)・・・・・・1


Optional accessories


Model Description
CA81-USB miniUSB-computer USB cable 1.8m
CATM21-M 2m cable for connecting UTM/UTMV
CATM51-M 5m cable for connecting UTM/UTMV
CATM(R)21 2m cable for UTMwith rotary encoder connection (non-connector at one end)
CATM(R)21-M 2m cable for connecting UTMrotary encoder
CATM(R)51-M 5m cable for connecting UTMrotary encoder
CN90 Waterproof plastic connector for UTM/UTMV
CN91 Waterproof plastic connector for UTM rotary encoder
TM400 AC CABLE EU AC cableFor Europe


Product catalogue(PDF)
TM400 catalogue(479 KB)

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