Servo Motors And Drives (SDH series 100W~7kW)
Servo Motors And Drives (SDH series 100W~7kW) Shihlin Servo Motors And Drives Shihlin Electric Penang, Malaysia, Simpang Ampat Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | iMS Motionet Sdn Bhd
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Product Item :     Servo Motors & Drives (SDH series 100W~7kW)
Specification :
AC Servo Motors and Drives
Auto-tuning – estimate load inertia within one cycle
Outstanding speed response performance: 1.6KHz
Settling time less than 1ms
22 bit, 4,194,394 pulse/rev, high resolution encoder feedback
Vibration suppression function
- 2 sets of automatic high-frequency filter
- 2 sets of automatic low-frequency filter
Compatible with fully closed loop control
Built-in simple PLC function (Single axis control mode)
- 64 procedures running without PLC
- 35 different types of homing mode
Highly potent servo software
- Fully support from setup to troubleshooting
- Oscilloscope function/ I/O monitoring/ alarm monitoring/ PR mode edit
Dual driver synchronous system application

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